Helpful tips to get you up and running with your new site.

Your website has been created using WordPress and the Divi theme from Elegant Themes (unless you requested custom design).  On this page you’ll find some helpful videos to get you started on your way to becoming confident in editing your site, adding new content and creating new pages. Many thanks to the folks at Elegant Themes for doing such a great job in documenting Divi and the Builder.

You can click the link below each video to go to the page detailing the subject – I know sometimes it’s nicer to read than watch a video.

Check out the live Demo of Divi to get an idea of just some of the things you can do!

Helpful videos from me

A project in the works!

Super detailed videos from Elegant Themes

Much more information is available over at Elegant Themes.  You can find descriptions of what all the modules do as well as many additional features of this theme.


Helpful Links for WordPress If you are wondering about the difference between and – .com allows you to run a free website/blog hosted on their servers, you are limited with themes and other features. is hosted on your hosting company’s servers and gives you much more freedom.

How to use WordPress features when writing blog posts

Adding and Using Images in WordPress

Finding Help for WordPress

Looking for a feature WordPress doesn’t seem to offer?  Check out the Plugin Directory

Want to find out more?  Jump into the WordPress Forums


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

What is SEO?

Five ways to improve your SEO

Five on-page SEO tips to improve ranking

Best SEO Plugins for WordPress


Yes, it’s always a good practice to do regular backups.  When to do them depends on how often you update your site and how much information you update it with.

Learn about backing up WordPress here

Best WordPress plugins for automated backup here

As well, you may find that your hosting company offers an additional pay-for service that will do regular backups for you.



I've forgotten the url to log in to my site!

To log in to your website you need to go to http://yoursitenname/wp-admin   where ‘yoursitename’ is the complete domain name including the .com, .ca, or whatever your suffix may be.  Have your username and password ready.

Help! I think I just deleted my content!

First of all DON’T PANIC  – chances are good your content is still there.

If you have deleted a block of content by accident here’s what to do:

  • If you haven’t already clicked on the ‘update’ button on the right side of your editing screen and you are still in your dashboard page layout view, you should be able to just refresh your page in the browser window.  You might find you get taken away from the page but navigate back to it and you should find that your content is still there.  WordPress will not alter content on a page until you click the ‘update’ button.
  • If you HAVE already clicked the ‘update’ button and your page is now missing content you need to re-edit it.  Open up the edit page screen again and click the ‘load layout’ button at the top of the editing section.  In there you should see either the original saved copy of your page, or your latest saved copy if you have been saving updates as suggested.
My site is down - what should I do?

Occasionally websites go down for one reason or another, it could be something local going on or it could be problems with your hosting account.  If you cannot access your site there are a few things you can do to check if it is really down and that it is not your internet connection causing problems.

Check to see

  • Can you open other websites in your browser?
  • Can  you access your site on another device i.e. phone or tablet?
  • Can someone else in another location access  your site?

If it appears your site is available elsewhere, try clearing out your browser’s cache, closing your browser and restarting it, opening another browser if you have one.

If your site appears to be unavailable anywhere, you might want to wait half an hour or so and then check again.  Contact your hosting company if you are still unable to reach your website, take a note of any error messages that you see when you try to reach your site.